BHUSIRI Rice Blender cum packing machine has been developed to assure the best possible performance combined with a user-friendly operation and installation. The concept of this machine is designed with our many years of experience in grain processing field. This unique design is versatile to blend all grain products.

How it works?

BHUSRI Blending machine is controlled and measured by the combination of mechanical, pneumatic & PLC based control system.

This machine contains HMI display to set the required blending percentage and mixing time. PLC based unique programmed Controller automatically set the machine for desired Blending value.

Accordingly weighing bin measure the product with the help of high precision load cell. If set value is achieved, weighing bin open and the product is discharged into the ribbon mixer.

The ribbon mixer mixes the product properly as prescribed mixing time. Once mixing is complete, the bagging attachment allows to bag the product to required weighment.

Blending, mixing and bagging can be achieved in single Machine.

Advanced PLC & Touch Screen HMI based system control system allows easy operation, steady and reliable performance.

Eliminates packing machine and usage of multiple elevators, thus making it very efficient and economical.

Wide range of product mixing percentage (%) 1 % to 20% can be achieved 10Kg to 50Kg bagging, this makes our product unique in the market.

Simple calibration process and super filter function of anti-vibration, anti-interference, ensure weighing process stable and accurate.

Auto Tare, Auto alarm for over and under weighing tolerance and auto fault diagnosis.

IoT Based advanced system helps to access and monitor real time data over android mobiles and system updation can be done remotely.

This machine also can be used as a direct packing machine.