Blending Machine:

Bhusiri “Dynamic Rice Blending” machine is an advanced and sophisticated technology designed to revolutionize the rice processing industry. It leverages cutting-edge machinery, software algorithms and quality control measures to create the perfect blend of rice grains with precision and efficiency. This innovative system ensures an exceptional and consistent product that meets the highest quality standards.

Dynamic Rice Blending is loadcell based technology sets a new standard in rice processing, empowering manufacturers to produce consistent, high-quality rice blends. This ensures that each grain of rice delivers an exceptional culinary experience, making it a game-changer in the market.

How it works?

Combining mechanical, pneumatic, and PLC-based control systems, the BHUSRI Blending Machine is managed and measured.

The HMI display on this machine allows you to customize the desired blending percentage and mixing duration. The machine is automatically set for the intended Blending value by a PLC-based, specially programmed controller.

A high accuracy load cell is used to weigh the product in accordance. If the target value is reached, the weighing bin opens, releasing the product into the ribbon mixer.

The product is adequately mixed by the ribbon mixer within the allotted mixing period. The bagging attachment enables the product to be bagged to the desired weight after mixing is finished.

  • Multi Tasking: Blending, Mixing & Bagging can be achieved in single machine.
  • Customizable Blending Profiles: FRK & Broken rice can be mixed simultaneously.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Control: IoT based system can access real time data worldwide.
  • Data Logging and Traceability: Machine production data give more accurate production results.
  • Energy-efficient and Sustainable: Advanced PLC & HMI base system more energy efficient.