Bhusiri Rubber Sheller, an integral machine in the rice processing industry, is designed to remove the husk or outer layer from paddy, transforming them into edible rice. The rubber sheller ensures that the rice grains become suitable for further processing. Its precise engineering and thoughtful design contribute to the efficiency and quality of rice production.

Bhusiri Rubber Sheller easily removes the husk from paddy. Input grains is passed between two counter-revolving rubber rollers, which results removal of the husk from the paddy at 95% of accuracy. Automatic system control and monitor the rubber roller contact pressure, as well as the correct feed rate for the input grain.

  • Pneumatic based pressure control reduces broken & damage of rice. Inter cooling system enhances rubber roller lifespan.
  • By adjusting air pressure Infinite adjustment of the degree of shelling.
  • Input sensor used to disengage the rubber rollers automatically when the input product empty.
  • Input product feed rate can be controlled electronically.
  • Auto/manual mode.