Bhusiri Grain Packing machine designed to automatically grain bagging application. It streamlines the packaging process in rice production, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

The primary goal of a rice bagging machine is to streamline the packaging process, reduce manual labor, improve packaging accuracy and increase overall efficiency in the rice production and distribution process.

Bhusiri bagging machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to efficiently package rice into bags of various sizes. The machine accurately measures and dispenses the desired amount of rice into each bag. Once filled, the bags are sealed with sewing, to ensure product freshness and prevent spillage.

Grain Packing Machine
  • High level of weighing accuracy +/- 20gms.
  • Advanced PLC based system control system allows easy operation, steady and reliable performance.
  • Integrated with a color touch screen for display.
  • Robust construction and Pneumatic based regulation system.
  • Simple calibration process and super filter function of anti-vibration, anti-interference, ensure weighing process stable and accurate.
  • Auto Tare, Auto alarm for over and under weighing tolerance and auto fault diagnosis.
  • Food grade steel material for feeder material and measuring canister release
  • IoT monitoring system.

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