Bhusiri paddy destoner is designed for the precision removal of impurities, such as stones, debris and dust from raw paddy. In the pre-processing stage of rice production.This critical unit contributes to the enhancement of rice quality by eliminating undesirable materials, thereby safeguarding downstream machinery and ensuring the purity of the final rice product.

Paddy destoner is a sophisticated mechanical apparatus that employs a combination of controlled vibrations, oscillations and an airflow system to meticulously remove stones, debris and dust from raw paddy. By integrating advanced mechanical principles, this equipment plays a pivotal role in optimizing rice quality and ensuring the integrity of the
production process.

  • Efficient & precise separation of stones and heavy materials.
  • SS Screens for long life.
  • Imported vibro motor ensures long life and low noise.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Economical and compact size.